Lancaster Farmland Trust


Lancaster Farmland Trust is the top farmland preservation organization in the state, and the nation.

Mission: To preserve and steward the beautiful, productive farmland of Lancaster County that reflects our heritage, supports our economy, protects our environment, nourishes our health, and enhances our quality of life.

History: In 1980, the Lancaster County Commissioners appointed a nine-member Agricultural Preservation Board to preserve Lancaster County farmland. As guidelines and policies were developed, it became clear that the program was not effectively reaching Plain Sect farmers. Amish and Mennonite farmers were, and largely still are, reluctant to become involved with government programs.

Amos Funk is known as Lancaster County’s “father of farmland preservation” and was the president of the newly created Agriculture Preserve Board. He had several conversations with fellow preservation supporter, Marilyn Ware. Amos and Marilyn were both aware of the need for a private organization to help Plain Sect farmers preserve their land. The formation of a new organization called the Friends of Agricultural Land Preservation fulfilled this need. They held their first meeting on November 13, 1985. Amos and Marilyn created the organization to be an important partner to the Lancaster County Agricultural Preserve Board. In August 1988, the organization was renamed Lancaster Farmland Trust.

Since then, Lancaster Farmland Trust has developed into a robust and dynamic organization with more than 526 easements under our belt. Jointly, with the county’s Agricultural Preservation Board, Lancaster County has 112,000 acres of farmland preserved. In the years after our founding, national recognition surrounded Lancaster Farmland Trust for the success of our efforts. Lancaster Farmland Trust is a leader in private farmland preservation.


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