Takes a Village - Power Packs Project


Power Packs’ unique approach to providing a nutritious weekend meals and food preparation skills aims to teach families how to better stretch their food dollars. Power Packs provide low cost recipes and ingredients for participants to cook a meal under $5. Their research-based methodology addresses the many factors that influence a child's decision making: personal, interpersonal, and environmental. In partnership with school districts in Lancaster County Power Packs is approved to work within the schools, so they can collaborate with school liaisons to help meet kids and their families where they need us—and where Power Packs can help build a school-wide culture that works to decrease food insecurity.

Power Packs Project is a Foxduck Highlight and will receive a portion of proceeds. Check out our "Giving Back" page to learn more about our Highlights program

50/50 Blend heather indigo tee with yellow silk screen print. 

Lighter and a little softer than the 100% cotton. The addition of the polyester adds durability to the fabric, making a soft durable garment.

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