What’s In a Name? The Story Behind Foxduck

When we started our company, the first question we got from many of our friends and customers was “why is it called Foxduck?” While we’ve answered the question in conversation thousands of times over the years, we wanted to finally sit down and put it into writing for all of you.

A Silly Beginning

After spending so much time dreaming up our business idea, we knew we needed the perfect name. Jos’s child, Jax, suggested we name our company for an animal, and we entertained the idea and started mashing up all sorts of animals to see what worked. Eventually, Jax came up with “foxduck,” and we all agreed it just felt right. Ryan got to work on the logo, and Foxduck was born.

The Fox and the Duck

The more we thought about it, the funnier the name became to us. Not only was the brainstorming process a silly one, but the two animals in our name are not exactly best friends. In fact, in the wild, they are actually predator and prey.

The Evolution of Foxduck

While the name started off as a silly word that sounded just right, over the years, the name has come to mean so much more to us. Sure, the fox and the duck are predator and prey in nature, but what if they didn’t have to be?

At Foxduck, we imagine a community where everyone works together to do good for the sake of the people around them, not just for themselves. We hope to build a better dynamic where people do the right thing not only in their personal lives, but also with their business practices.

The Fox, The Duck, and Accountability

For us, the name Foxduck is a constant reminder to be accountable for our actions as a business. To keep in mind the interests of everyone in our community and our world with each decision we make. This mindset has helped us focus on:

  • Partnering only with vendors who pay their employees fair wages
  • Choosing fair trade, sustainably-sourced fabrics for our garments
  • Viewing other local businesses not as competition, but as friends we can lift up
  • Showcasing our products with diverse models who represent our community
  • Continually considering the impact we have on those around us

We’ve proudly stuck by these values since our start in 2015, and are grateful for the silly but mighty Foxduck who reminds us of them every day.

Want to learn more about our story and the people behind Foxduck? Meet Ryan, Jos, and Rebecca on our About page.