Foxduck was founded in 2015 with the goal of serving the local Lancaster, PA community in a creative and engaging way. One of our favorite parts of running our small business is meeting so many people and getting to hear their stories. Now it’s our turn to tell our story and introduce our team!

Our story

From our “print-your-own” pop-ups to our brick and mortar store, here’s how we became Foxduck.

How it started

We started Foxduck with “print-your-own” pop-ups at block parties and community events around Lancaster. We loved being able to share a new skill with our community and teach residents and visitors alike a favorite pastime of ours – how to screen print shirts.

During the 2016 holiday season, we were invited to join the Prince Street pop-up park, where we were able to share our designs with even more people. We never expected the response we got from the community around us and to this day we are grateful for all of the opportunities that first year at the pop-up park brought!

The Foxduck Store

​​With the boost we got from our friends at the pop-up park, we grew our online presence into our brick-and-mortar storefront on King Street in the historic Lancaster City business district. We love being so close to the heart of Lancaster City and getting to make friends with the other small business owners downtown.

Where we are now

In a lot of ways, not much has changed! We still design purposeful apparel inspired by the world around us. We still print high-quality shirts ourselves in small batches. We still value the ethics of our business above all else. And, maybe most importantly, we still love sharing it all with you.

Meet our team

If you’ve ever stopped in our store, chances are you’ve met one (or several!) of our co-owners. Here’s a little more about each one of our stories and how we became a part of Foxduck.

Ryan Keates

Ryan grew up in Lancaster with equal love for its people and places. He was inspired by the local flora and fauna, the historic sites, and the people who call Lancaster home.

With 20 years of experience in graphic design, Ryan is the vision behind Foxduck’s designs. His passion and talent shine through in every piece he creates, building a unified visual identity that is recognizable anywhere.

Joss Wood

With a background in social work, Joss is passionate about Foxduck’s social impact. They helped the team develop a set of responsible business practices that have served as their compass over the past few years.

From selecting fair trade, sustainably-sourced apparel to ensuring everyone involved in the process is paid fair wages, Joss is all about the ethics of Foxduck. And, they ensure that high-quality printing, products, and customer service are never sacrificed along the way.

Fun fact: Joss’s child was actually the one who came up with the name Foxduck. THANK YOU, JAX!

Rebecca Wood

Rebecca is all about how the details affect the big picture. She is the one who crosses the t’s and dots the i’s, all the while ensuring these tiny daily actions serve the longevity of the business and the community.

Rebecca is also the main screen printer behind Foxduck’s small-batch apparel. Her passion and precision are clear in the final product and her techniques are unparalleled. Rebecca also happens to be the common thread that brought the Foxduck team together – she is Joss’s sister and Ryan’s wife!

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, we’d love to hear a little more about you! We’d love it if you dropped by our Facebook or Instagram page to say hello!