Foxduck Shout Out in Baltimore Magazine

Proud of our community, we are happy to celebrate another articulate write up about what Lancaster, PA has to offer. And, of course, a Foxduck shout out is greatly appreciated!

Baltimore Magazine highlighted "what Lancaster has done so well - hold[ing] on to tradition while embracing innovation and the future." 

We are thrilled to have been highlighted as a "super popular boutique with its locally designed and ethically made apparel that highlights the city." Alongside our wonderful neighbors, Ellicott & Co. and Building Character from the 300 Block of North Queen.

Our lifestyle brand developed after a personal need to find inner happiness and creativity growth. After 15 years of freelance designing, co-founder Ryan Keates began taking time for his own need to create meaningful and purposeful designs. Celebrating 5 years of Foxduck success, we have been awarded by our clients with referrals, our retail customers with repeat purchases, and SCORE (a business mentoring service) with the 2019 SBAL Achievement Award. 

Here's to our community who keeps supporting small family businesses and the surrounding areas that help us to celebrate!